Our Journey

A few years ago (2016) we went to a weekend workshop where Chirag Patel showed some videos of dogs putting their head in buster collars and showed us the bucket game. We have been fascinated by this type of training since. When we went to the animal behaviour conference WOOF 2019 there were some talks on start button behaviours by (Chirag Patel, Emelie Johnson Vegh and Eva Bertilsson).

The start button behaviour is nothing else than empowering the dog to take control of the situation. Taking control in a similar way you would be allowed to say you would like to stop at the dentist by putting up your hand. As a vet it is heartbreaking to see animals that are so stressed and scared that they feel their only way out is aggression or completely breakdown.

By empowering the dog we give them a chance to communicate when it is too much and also to tell us when they feel ready again to continue. As they get control of the situation they will often feel much stronger and able to participate far more than what they would have before and we prevent aggression and breakdown of trust.

At Black Jack Dog Training Centre we have done more and more of the prep for vets training over the past years, as part of our pet dog training classes, as we feel that it is important to prepare dogs for that one time where they may have to wear a buster collar or have to have ear drops or other things done to them. When we are able to teach them things like e.g. tricks, walking on the lead and agility, why not prepare them for some of the most stressful times in their life and give them a way to cope with this, by preparing dogs for eventualities of life itself.

We love this training and this is why we made this website and we will be adding more videos over time. We hope to make this type of training accessible for all and we hope more and more people will start prepping their dogs for vet visits in a positive way.