About Prep for Vets

Prep for vets is all about preparing animals for vet appointments and examinations in a positive way.

Many dogs and cats are very stressed, fearful or even aggressive at the vets. We would like to teach owners and their pets how to make a visit to the vets a non-stressful event.

By letting the animals participate instead of undergoing procedures they will feel more in control and more confident in a difficult situation. At Prep for Vets we help you train certain behaviours like:

* A dog who is willingly participating in nose vaccinations
* A dog that puts on a buster collar by himself
* A dog that puts a muzzle on by himself (with some help from owner)
* Nail clipping
* Blood sampling
* Applying ear and eye drops
* Going onto the scales.

We hope to be able to help improve vet visits for many animals in our area.